Earth Day

on the Bay

Join us as we celebrate Earth Day!  We have two science filled weekends of in-person and online events to keep everyone's hands busy!

In Person Events

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Saturday, April 17

Low Tide Walk

8:00 am

Tidepools are teeming with sea life; sea stars contort and grip to rocky surfaces, sly fish hide in holes and under algae for cover, urchins bore into crevices and move their spines in response to potential threats, and the colorful sea slugs ready their toxic defenses so they don’t become a predator’s meal. Don’t miss the opportunity to join us for a morning Low Tide Walk at Pillar Point to see this exciting and beautiful underwater world from a different perspective.

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Saturday, April 17

Discovery EcoVoyage

1:00 pm

Climb aboard our floating classroom, the 90' research vessel the Robert G Brownlee, for an exploration of the SF Bay like no other! Help us set a net sample to see what fish are swimming below, pull up a bottom sample and see what's hidden in the mud, and peer into the world of plankton.

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Saturday, April 24

9:30 am

Join us for a fun morning of scientific discovery. Children will get the opportunity to fish using a beach seine, collect mud samples using a Peterson mud grab, and gathering plankton and looking at it through our big screen video microscope . Our goals for the morning are to discover what fish and invertebrates (animals without backbones) live under the San Francisco Bay and what makes them special.

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Saturday, April 24

Low Tide Walk 
2:30 pm

Spending time at the oceans edge is really amazing but getting to go tide pooling twice in one month is outstanding! This time we will take off south to Bean Hollow and explore the amazing rocky shore full of sea urchins, turban snails, kelp crabs, 6-rayed stars, sculpin, and harbor seals. We might even get lucky enough to see grey whales spouting as they pass by on their way up north to Alaska!

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Earth Day Gifts from our Sponsor
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Every participant at one of our in-person Earth Day on the Bay events will receive color changing sun glasses

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