Fish Data Intern Calendar

Please check the calendar to request a voyage. Only 2 trained interns may go out per trip. 


If you are training you may go out on any voyage (4 hours or more) that already has an intern scheduled as long as there is not a (T1)(T2)(T3) next to their name. 


When training a total of 3 interns are allowed per trip.


To request a voyage please email

During the summer MSI transforms from regular school programs to Marine Science Camp and the ship schedule changes drastically. Most weeks the ship will only go out once a day, 4 times a week. There are slight variations in time schedules but most trips are 5.5 hours.

Interested in becoming a Fish Data Intern?

Commitment: 40 hours (10 voyages),
plus 3 training voyages (12 hours).

Requirements: Minimum age requirement is 16, reliable transportation.

Fish Data is a great internship and works for many open schedules. If you are currently in highschool this internship will conflict with your normal school hours.