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FISSH - Future Improvements
for Ship and Shore

What is FISSH?  FISSH is a $2.5 million dollar fundraising campaign for major improvements to MSI!


This is the biggest campaign in Marine Science Institute’s history.​

We have already raised $1.7 million from grants and gifts from donors.  We only need $800,000 more to finish the FISSH campaign.

Since our founding, MSI has been proud of our ability to do so much with so little. Our emphasis has always been to maintain an outstanding safety and compliance record while spending our annual revenues on delivering the most thrilling and unique science programs in northern California - maximizing our impact through the number of students we educate.  Fifty-two years have passed and MSI is now one of the most sought-after environmental education providers in northern California.  But by not allocating donors’ dollars annually to our infrastructure issues, the price we pay is the escalation of deferred safety and maintenance costs. Our ability to deliver our programs is compromised.  FISSH allows us to care for and upgrade the critical infrastructure assets that power our mission – our ship, dock, aquarium, office building, bathrooms, vehicles, outdoor classrooms, and teaching equipment.  These projects are incredibly difficult to fund while simultaneously funding our programs, but so vital to us as we position MSI to grow as a science institution in the new post-pandemic world. 

Aquarium Enhancements

A new state-of-the-art system of touch tanks will create a more hospitable home for our sensitive animal ambassadors, and enhanced educational experience for eager students. 

haulout after.JPG
  • Fix our failing dock pilings. 

  • Repair our public bathroom floors and leaking roof.   

  • Install a whole new admin office building and demolish the old one.  

  • Haul out and re-certify our beloved ship, the Robert G. Brownlee, for passenger safety! 

Big Lawn
  • Upgrade our science teaching tools to provide students with equitable access to study the animals of our local ecosystems.  

  • Enhance and beautify our outdoor classroom with new drought-friendly artificial turf.   

  • Buy a new Inland Voyage truck to replace the old one that is nearing the end of its life. 

Your Investment...

Your gift, no matter how large or small, will be used immediately to enhance and stabilize our infrastructure, educate about the interdependence of life on our planet and teach environmental leadership to students throughout the San Francisco Bay region and beyond.  On behalf of everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area who wishes for healthy ecosystems and a thriving human population, we thank you for your support. 


This project is funded in part by The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.  


The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation fosters path-breaking scientific discovery, environmental conservation, patient care improvements and preservation of the special character of the Bay Area. Visit and follow @MooreFound


Your partnership with MSI means everything to us!  Please reach out to Marilou Seiff at or 650-364-2760 x11 to discuss the ambitious plans we have for the future.

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