The Kids Ocean Day Art Contest and Picture Mosaic was produced by Spectral Q.

Kids Ocean Day Art Contest prizes were sponsored by Alexandria Van Reenan of Michael's Art Supplies ( who provided gift cards to our contest winners and Julia Jaye Posin of Shuki ( who supplied metal straw gift sets for our early submission entries. Additional Art Supply Gifts were donated by Marine Science Institute's loving enthusiasts. Thank you to everyone who donated. 

Additional content for the Picture Mosaic was sponsored by Whaleman Founder Jeff Pantukhoff and his team of professional photographers including Gene Flipse, Jason Moore, Oliver Milsom, and Lisa Denning who provided compelling underwater ocean photography. Whaleman Foundation is dedicated to the health of our oceans and all marine life for our children and future generations. Whaleman Foundation has been supporting Kids Ocean Day since 2007.

Special thanks to Doug Woodring of Ocean Recovery Alliance ( for providing additional artworks from Kids Ocean Day Hong Kong projects dating back to 2013.

Kids Ocean Day
Art Contest 2021

For close to 30 years, Kids Ocean Day has empowered over 165,000 students to participate in live beach events and aerial art. This art contest is an opportunity for kids to get involved and express their love for the ocean.

2021 Art Contest Local & Statewide Winners and Finalists
Local 1st Place Winner, Statewide Finalist
Local 2nd Place Winner
Local 3rd Place Local Winner
Local Honorable Mentions
Local Honorable Mentions
Local Honorable Mentions
Local Honorable Mentions
Statewide 1st Place Winner
Statewide 2nd Place Winner
Statewide 3rd Place Winner
Statewide Finalist

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Marine Science Institute​

Jodi Stewart, Land Program Manager

San Francisco Kids Ocean Day Coordinator


I am truly inspired by the tenacity of the students in the Bay Area. This year has been challenging for them in many ways. They continue to engage in meaningful conversations and explore the subject matter, even during a virtual program. The students I met, drew beautiful watersheds, identified key ways they can help their local waterways at home, and emphasized how their efforts help the oceans stay healthy for us and for the animals that live there.

Jodi Stewart, Land Program Manager

San Francisco Kids Ocean Day Coordinator

Marine Science Institute