Kids made BIG waves of positive change with Marine Science Institute at Ocean Beach, San Francisco

On May 16, 2018, 600 elementary students and volunteers from San Francisco and Marin City cleaned up Ocean Beach and then sat in formation to create an aerial design to broadcast the need to take action for a clean ocean. The students enjoyed some beach time while championing the importance of reducing our use of disposable plastics and preventing littering. The annual San Francisco event was organized by the Marine Science Institute and sponsored by the California Coastal Commission’s Whale Tail Grants Program. Five other similar cleanups involving a total of 8,000 children are taking place up and down the California coast in honor of World Oceans Day on June 8th. Kids actions and voices

Marine Science Camp 2018: Field trips

Field trips are a highlight for all of our campers and staff. An outdoor excursion in the field offers campers the chance to see science in action, venture through local habitats, and learn what it takes to be a marine biologist. All of our camps will spend a camp day aboard the 90-foot R/V Robert G. Brownlee. During this exciting trip campers will catch fish, collect mud and look at plankton under a microscope. They will have an opportunity to use scientific equipment and to touch live animals. Questions will include: What type of habitat is the San Francisco Bay? Why is the Bay a special habitat? What kinds of animals live here, and how are they adapted to live in the Bay? The Wetland Expl

California knows that investing in Environmental Education is an investment in our planet's future

When it comes to prioritizing environmental education, California is leading the way! EdSource shared that $4 million is in the current state budget for K-12 environmental education. With this commitment from the state, there is hope that we can better support, and encourage teachers to plan field trips to connect students to the ecological richness California has to offer. Many teachers would agree that providing hands-on opportunities for students is a vital ingredient to help them master math and science competencies. Teacher's response to how Marine Science Institute (MSI) supports curriculum has been consistently positive, with one respondent reporting connections through, "hands-on ac

SOS - Save Our Ship

Well, it happened. On April 2, we discovered the Robert G. Brownlee bent a propeller shaft. That meant the immediate halt to all Discovery Voyages. The Brownlee is currently undergoing emergency haul-out and repairs in Alameda. Since then we have discovered the shaft is unrepairable, and we must replace it. This catastrophe could not have happened at a more inconvenient time. April is our busiest month for school programs! Boats are expensive to maintain and repair, and the Brownlee is no exception. We are asking you, our most loyal supporters, to help NOW with a donation. Your donation, no matter how large or small, will help with this emergency repair and put our beloved ship back in the w

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