DIY Beach Cleanup

Did you know you can enjoy a beach day while making a difference? Everyone needs beach days, with just the sand, sun, glimmering water, and relaxing waves, life is good. Unfortunately sometimes lying in the sand doesn’t always feel impactful enough. Periodically, beach cleanups are the way to go! Enjoy the coast while maintaining its health. Picking up trash is a popular approach to helping the ocean. People enjoy seeing the progress they have made and all the waste found that will no longer go into the ocean and affect marine life. Although picking up trash may not sound like a glamorous day, the process can be fun and rewarding. It is gratifying to know and see a difference being made. Bea

Thrifting for the Ocean

Want to help the ocean while shopping for a new wardrobe? Thrift shopping makes this possible by reusing clothing. When we buy new clothing, the manufacturing process behind it isn't beneficial for our carbon footprints. As we all become aware of our carbon footprints, thrifting is one way to lower them. When it's time to get rid of your own clothes, be sure to drop them off at the local thrift store so they can be reused. Here at MSI, we focus on the ocean, and thrifting has an impact on that as well. The fibers used to make our clothing are typically non-biodegradable, which can result in ocean pollution. According to the Goodwill, the "volume of textile trash increased by 40% between 1999

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