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Funder's Spotlight

We LOVE our grant funders! Each year, Sand Hill Foundation gives program and operations funding to more than 60 local nonprofit organizations in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Since 1995, Sand Hill Foundation has provided over $92 million in grants to local organizations. They primarily fund two initiatives: Bay Area Environmental Education and Silicon Valley Out-of-School-Time.

Since 2005, Sand Hill Foundation has granted the Marine Science Institute more than $117,000, specifically sponsoring children from low-income schools so they can take field trips to the San Francisco Bay’s waterfront, embark on voyages on our ship, and learn about the marine life and ecology of the Bay. Sand Hill Foundation only funds organizations that demonstrate strong leadership, visionary plans for the future and a culture of continuous learning. MSI does that!

They love us because we consistently deliver on our promise that students will increase their proficiency in the use of the scientific method of inquiry, gain an understanding and appreciation of the San Francisco Bay ecosystem, and increase their knowledge of environmentally responsible human behavior.

Thank you, Sand Hill Foundation, for supporting MSI!

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