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A Bay Area favorite school field trip -- MSI's Discovery Voyage -- is discounted for September

What? Is summer really ending and school starting soon?

It’s hard to believe teachers are busy prepping their lessons and planning field trips, while students and parents flock to purchase backpacks, pencils, jeans – all the back-to-school essentials.

To kick-off the 2017-18 school year, the Marine Science Institute is offering discounts on all Discovery Voyage (boat) programs booked for the month of September! To get your discount, please contact School Programs Coordinator, Jodi Stewart. (If you’ve already booked a September Discovery Voyage don’t worry, you’ve already secured your discount!) To learn more about our Discovery Voyage please click here.

Last school year MSI made science come alive for nearly 42,870 area school children by providing 1,238 exciting, hands-on educational programs about the wonders of the San Francisco Bay and coastal environments. Nearly, 4,200 adults/parent chaperones also participated. Teachers, students and parents have all agree that their MSI field trip was the best field trip they’d ever participated in.

“The kids get to have an incredible experience, unlike anything they have ever experienced before, and definitely unlike anything I am capable of recreating in the classroom. They interact with the bay and wildlife in a very upfront way," a Mountain View Whisman School District 5th-grade teacher responded on a survey.

Reaching students throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay area, our programs include field trips, on-site visits, and in-class visits for public and private schools, preschools and colleges. Many of these schools are low-income, underserved schools that receive financial assistance from MSI’s funders or other funding sources. These programs run the gamut of MSI’s offering from its keystone program – the Discovery Voyage, where students embark on a boat expedition – to its multi-exposure programs. All the programs are also aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.

MSI serves schools in all nine counties of the Greater San Francisco Bay area -- Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma -- as well as numerous counties throughout the state. MSI instruction staff either travel to these schools or the students travel to MSI's Redwood City facility. Or to satellite sights in Richmond, San Francisco and Antioch.

MSI’s reach goes well beyond California as well. Every year students from several schools in Washington (the state), as well as a school group from China travel to MSI to participate in our Shoreside (on-site) program or our Discovery Voyage.

Want to add a Marine Science Institute program to your school or child's curriculum? Check out our school programs.

Denise Mohsenin serves as the link between Marine Science Institute and the education community. She enjoys helping schools and teachers bring marine science and environmental literacy to their students. Her current favorite fish for teaching is the starry flounder. Ask her why at

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