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Marine Science Camp 2017: What have we been up to?

2016 was a great summer and we wish our campers were still here. After all, nothing is more fun than camp with animal-touching, games, teambuilding and new adventures every day!

Summer campers are resuming their school year duties, but rest assured, Marine Science Institute hasn’t been idle. Every day Monday through Friday and some Saturdays too, MSI hosts schools near and far for a variety of marine science programs. Almost daily we have a Shoreside program at our facility in Redwood City and 1-2 Discovery Voyages aboard the R/V Robert G. Brownlee, our 90-foot research vessel. MSI also often brings animals and marine science to schools. We offer a plethora of other programs that may be running simultaneously: creek studies, marsh and beach explorations, canoes in sloughs, birthday parties, public and Member events, tidepool explorations and so much more. MSI is quite busy during the school year, educating over 55,000 students from schools around the Bay Area, Sacramento, and farther!

While MSI’s Science Instructors and Marine Educators are busy educating and sharing their passion for marine science every day, summer planning is well under way for Marine Science Camp 2017! Dates are set (and will be revealed soon!), camp themes are established, field trips are being organized, and activities are being designed and coordinated. We make a serious effort in changing things up year to year so that campers want to return to expand upon their knowledge, share some familiarity and also learn something new. Planning marine science fun for 1200+ campers keeps us quite busy, and we are so excited to share what we have come up with.

It is wonderful to see many of our Marine Science Camp-ers visit us on school field trips during the year. Quite often, we are greeted with an exuberant holler of “I came to camp here!” or we see students proudly sporting their Marine Science Camp t-shirts from years past. We will make every effort to ensure that they want to come back for Marine Science Camp 2017. And we will also encourage new campers to join in the marine science fun to expand the MSI family.

If you happen to see us while chaperoning a field trip to MSI, joining us on Member or Public Events, or just see one of us out and about in our MSI gear, be sure to say hello! Stay tuned for the 2017 Marine Science Camp dates in our next blog posting on December 13.

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