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Marine Science Camp 2018: Hiring Instructors and Counselors

WANTED!: Engaging, high-energy, compassionate and fun instructors and counselors to lead our summer camp!

CLICK HERE to apply and join the team.

Marine Science Camp is proud to have a passionate and fun team of instructors and counselors each summer. The foundation of this team of educators and leaders is not only their knowledge of marine science, but also their ability to inspire campers. They spark an appreciation for marine science and local habitats while promoting friendship, teamwork, and curiosity. Our qualified team of highly motivated instructors and counselors are outside with the campers every day. Instructors and counselors facilitate hands-on learning and teambuilding in a safe and fun environment. They are CPR and First Aid certified, background checked, and undergo an extensive 2 week training period prior to camp.

Instructors: Marine Science Camp Instructors have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in fields varying from biology and marine science to education and environmental studies or other similar fields. Marine Science Camp Instructors lead camper learning, supervise campers and are primarily in charge of safety. They are the crew of our 90 foot research vessel and undergo extensive training and regular safety drills to comply with Coast Guard safety standards. Many have field research experience and relate it to topics learned at camp. Our fantastic Instructors are role models who inspire and share their passion for marine science with campers of all ages. Read more about the Marine Science Camp Instructor position.

Counselors: Marine Science Camp Counselors are highschool graduates. They work closely with the Instructors helping with activities, assist in overall supervision and aid in providing an understanding of marine topics. Many of our counselors are pursuing degrees in the sciences and are interested in marine science or education as a career. Marine Science Camp is an excellent summer opportunity for them to get first-hand experience. Read more about the Marine Science Camp Counselor position.

If YOU match any of these descriptions, CLICK HERE to learn more and apply.

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