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Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday is a Marine Science Camp tradition. This mid-week celebration is an opportunity for campers and staff to get a little creative and a lot WACKY. There is a different theme each week and it is meant to be fun and 100% optional. The weekly themes aren’t a requirement and there are no rules or regulations (aside from keeping it camp-appropriate of course).

Camp staff are representing their group's colors during Rainbow Day.

Themes include “Character Day”, “Crazy Colors Day”, “Superhero Day”, “Silly Socks Day”, “Pirate Day”, and so many more! Campers will find out the week’s Wacky Wednesday theme on Monday of camp so they have time to prepare if they choose to participate.

Some campers and staff may get a little wackier than others, but not to worry - the day is totally optional and if campers forget but still want to participate then we have themed crafts (sometimes wearable!) campers can make in the morning during drop-off.

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