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What makes Marine Science Camp staff so great?

What makes the Marine Science Camp staff the best? They simply LOVE what they do! Working at Marine Science Camp isn’t just a summer job for them - it’s an opportunity to share their passion for the ocean and the outdoors with others. These environmental educators come from all over the U.S. and they are special - they thrive in the outdoors, connect kids to the wonders of nature, and wholeheartedly believe that every person can have a positive impact on the environment.

When they aren’t working, staff are oftentimes out at the tidepools, SCUBA diving, doing beach cleanups, hiking along the coast and living the adventures we encourage campers to experience. Their passion, support and skill inspire campers of all ages to embrace the natural world and their place in it.

Marine Science Camp is proud to have a team of 18 staff - 9 Instructors and 9 Counselors - who become family each summer and genuinely love their work. Check out what they have said about their time as a Marine Science Camp staff member:

  • “One of the best summers and the best job I've ever had.” - 2018 Marine Science Camp Counselor

  • “Being an instructor this summer was awesome. My favorite part about this job was being able to be outside with the kids, showing them the things they wonder about and answering their questions about the ocean with hands on demonstrations and examples in nature. That is not something that happens often!” - 2019 Marine Science Camp Instructor

  • “It was such an amazing experience! I thought it would be so much more tiring but at the end of every week I couldn't wait for the next. Camp helped me grow in confidence and gave me the chance to try different group management and teaching methods.” - 2018 Marine Science Camp Instructor

  • “I love introducing kids to new experiences and seeing their faces light up when they learn something new! I also enjoy helping out fellow staff and seeing others grow throughout the summer!” - 2018 Marine Science Camp Instructor

  • “Camp was awesome this year. I love that we get to teach a variety of content and work with all age groups.” - 2019 Marine Science Camp Counselor

  • “I enjoyed being a part of Marine Science Camp! It is always a rewarding experience and I feel that it has helped me grow as an educator!” - 2018 Marine Science Camp Counselor

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