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What parents are saying about Marine Science Camp staff

After working at Marine Science Camp for the last five years (and at other environmental education programs before then), I can say this without hesitation: the Marine Science Camp staff are absolutely amazing.

Along with a genuine desire to be role models for the next generation, working at Marine Science Camp requires passion for the marine world, enthusiasm for sharing information, true competence at working with different age groups, and untiring on-the-fly flexibility. Our staff are outside with the campers every day as they facilitate hands-on learning and fun in a safe environment. They are CPR and First Aid certified, background checked and fingerprinted by the Department of Justice, and undergo an extensive two-week training period prior to camp (in addition to the training required to be crew aboard the 90-foot research vessel).

18 highly motivated individuals make up the Marine Science Camp staff - 9 Instructors and 9 Counselors.

  • Instructors have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in fields such as biology, marine science, environmental studies, conservation biology or other similar fields. Most teach MSI programs to pre-kindergarten through college students throughout the school year. Instructors at Marine Science Camp lead camper learning, supervise, and are primarily in charge of safety. They are the crew of our 90-foot research vessel and undergo extensive training and regular safety drills to comply with Coast Guard safety standards. Many have field research experience and relate it to topics learned at camp. Our fantastic instructors are role models who inspire and share their passion for marine science with campers of all ages.

  • Counselors are in college or have already received their degrees but are not able to be trained to crew the research vessel. They work closely with the Instructors to help with activities, assist in overall supervision and aid in providing an understanding of marine topics. Many of our counselors are pursuing degrees in the sciences and are interested in marine science or education as a career.

We are proud to have a well-educated, passionate and fun team of Instructors and Counselors each summer. They spark an appreciation for marine science and local habitats while promoting friendship, teamwork, and curiosity. More important than what’s on paper, our staff are made up of people who simply love working with kids and sharing their appreciation for ocean life. These talented individuals know how to connect with kids, challenge them just the right amount, and foster learning while having fun.

Check out what some of our 2019 Marine Science Camp parents said about our staff:

  • “Staff was GREAT! Confident, positive, upbeat, engaging, knowledgeable. Awesome mentors for the campers. Thank you!”

  • “My kids loved the staff and I was impressed with their enthusiasm, organization, expertise and manner with the campers during every interaction I had with them.”

  • “My favorite interactions with counselors and staff were when I got to see 1. that they were having fun (i.e. seeing smiles and laughter while doing jobs like helping direct traffic/parking) and 2. genuine enthusiasm and interest in the science and activities. I think that spirit and attitude really contributed to Ryan’s* enjoyment and my impression of the camp. Keep it up!” (* name changed to protect privacy)

  • "I think the staff did a great job making the camp interesting and fun for my child. In addition, they made sure all the children were included and behaved nicely towards each other, both during activities and lunch/free time. This made the experience even more positive for my child who is shy and has had problems making friends at other camps, especially when other kids come with a buddy."

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