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Corporate and Foundation Donors

$50,000 and above

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Contra Costa Water District

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Webb Family Foundation

$10,000 to $24,999

California Coastal Commission

Crankstart Giving Fund

Delta Diablo

Marathon Petroleum Corporation

Parks California

Scandling Family Foundation

Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation

Turner Designs

$2,500 to $4,999

Golden State Water Company

Peter and Paula Uccelli Foundation

Port of Redwood City

San Carlos Community Foundation

San Jose Water Company

Sharks Foundation

$25,000 to $49,999

Abbott Laboratories Fund


Central Contra Costa Sanitary District

Danford Fisher Hannig Foundation

Joseph and Vera Long Foundation


Sand Hill Foundation

$5,000 to $9,999

Elo Touch Solutions

First Tech Federal Credit Union

Matson Foundation

Mt. View Sanitary District

Palo Alto Online

Western Digital

$500 to $2,499

Bye Bye Mattress

Heritage Bank of Commerce

Kiwanis Club of Palo Alto

Lyngso Garden Materials, Inc.

Midvale Foundation

Peninsula Aquatic Center

Peninsula Clean Energy

SIMS Metal Management

St. Pius Elementary

The Robert Brownlee Foundation

Individual Donors

$1,000 and above


Katherine Bicer  

William Cheung 

Shirley Chou and Tony Cannon 

Katherine and Jeff Cleland  

Patti Cooley-Wetzel  

Jeremy Coyle  

James Crawford  

Durboraw and Maimone 

Robert English and Anna Zara  

Yael Goshen and Dylan Smith  

Christine Hahn and Georges Harik  

Steele Harris  

Zachary and Elizabeth Hulsey  

Earle and Darlene Jones   

$500 - $999

Mary Anderson  

Annie Chen  

Alison Chubb and Stephen Ruoss  

Yi-Wyn and Martin Colaco  

Emily Dart  

Timothy Davis  

Blair Fingerhut  

Karen Peluso-Galaviz and Eric Galaviz  

Green, Miller and Lavander Families 

Robert Hills  

Deva Karam  

Todd Drullinger and Bella Liberman  

Victoria and James Maroulis  

Vicki Moore  

Clark Morey  

Lara Pande  

Tristan and Megan Berry Swadell  

Nerija and Jason Titus  

Jorge Vilalta and Leslie Lee  

Rachel Wheeler and Ken Shotts  

Valerie Whitehill  

Victoria Whitehill  

Janine Zacharia and Jeremy Bailenson

Judd Klement  

Janet and Gary Koe  


Larry Kutner and Cheryl Olson 

Denise Malmquist-Little and Dave Little  

Julian Osinski  

William and Julie Paoli  

Deepa Paranjpe and Neeraj Pendse  

James Roberts  

Robert and Carolyn Rutherford  

Tom and Karen Rutherford  

Rosita Saguindel  

Yvonne Schell and Steve Miller  

Stuart and Marilou Seiff  

Carly and Ryan Seiff  

Anne Shahinian and Matthew Svrcek  

Betty Jo Sorensen  

Penny Tan  

Tate Family  

David and Janeen Tuitupou  

Jennifer Upson  

Jeremy and Beth Walker  

Donald Webster and Mary Ann Baik  

Chesley Williams and Jacob Lowenstern  

Clara Munley and Robert Wilson  

$250 - $499

Homayoon Akhiani  

Melissa Amorn  

Andrea Aust  

Carla Bagneschi and Tomaso Paoletti  

Katherine Bass  

Janet Bernadicou  

Daryl Winter and Sarah Bodary-Winter  

Adrienne Bronstein and Andrew Becker  

Stuart Builder  

Amy Chan 

Angela DeBarger 

Julie Delay  

Alexandra and Greg Dendy  

Sayako and Ben Doitel  

Cliff and Sarah Fitzgerald  

Johanna Fogl  

Vicki Friedberg  

Heather Gaillard and Benjamin Baum  

Panida and Jeff Garrett  

Tom Hammer 

Michael Hindery 

Mark & Ola Hopper 

 Christine and Richard Jeffers  

Charlene Kon  

Ting Yin Kwan  

Woody Miraglia and Julie Kwon  

Kathryn and John Lannin  

Jackie Lundy  

Elizabeth and Mark Maguire

Hermine and Pim Mante  

Todd Master and Kara Gardner  

Elena and John McCormick  

Ekaterina Kazakova and Jacob Mizrahi  

Bill Mortimore  

Sanket Naik 

Art and Karen Pabst 

Jaidev Patwardhan  

Vidya and Basab Pradhan  

Susan Rawcliffe 

Randy Reyes  

Joanne Roboz 

Louise Roe  

Dione Rossiter  

Maura Ruzhnikov 

Thomas Scannell  

David and Andrea Schick  

Ted Shen  

Jeanne Sole and David Hoffman 

Jack Spallino

Charles and Ruth Spirakis  

Ann Stephens  

Diane Tang 

Chris Throm  

Jennifer Vancini and Ray Kruck  

Don Weden  

Ann Williams and Tom Furlong  

Emily Wiser and Cory Scott  

Calvin Yang and Julie Wu

$250 - $499

Elissa Adatya 

Charles and Betsy Aden  

Luciana Aguiar 

Finnegan Alberti 

Amber Isak  

Aron Andersson  


Kristin Ashcraft 

Sara Asher  

Ichelle Spitzig-Barakat 

Jonas Barbour 

Wesley and David Barrow  

Wyatt Barrow 

H. Paul Benton  

Erik Bergstrom 

Diana Brumbaugh  

Nancy and J. Clayton Campbell  

Lisa Cardellini 

Bertram Chan  

Luis Cheng-Guajardo 

Bill Conklin  

Jeff Cranmer  

Laura Dansingani 

Charlotte Deng 

Lisa and Dan Denney

 Fharzana Elankumaran 

Bob and Mary Elliston  

Robin Estrada 

Stephanie and John Filson  

Shelley Nelson and Friedrich Graf Finckenstein  

Jocelyn Freborg  

Adam Garzone  

Doug Gottschlich  

Michele Haddad and Scott Curtiss  

Janine Haines 

Kristy and Dan Hauenstein  

Caroline Hintz  

Alison and Mark Hlady  

Shirlie Ho 

Gitte Jensen and Chris Campana  

Janet and Earl Jezek  

Janice Kim 

Samantha Knox 

Patti and Danny Lee  

Christina Jade Lee 

Martha Lewis  

Lucy Li  

Jennifer Lin 

Katarina Ling and ChenLi Wang  

Nicola Liu 

Rachel Maclay  

Nicole Magaddino  

Stacy Markel and John Zolck  

Joe Martinez 

Pilar Mateos  

Dan Mcclary  

Asena Mckeown 

Jennifer Myers  

Medha Nanal  

Bruce Neill  

Steve Noia  

Angela Oh  

David Paradise  

Eric and Maria Perez  

Ling Ren and Rong Wu  

Clea Sarnquist 

Dorothea Sauer  

Anna Schipper  

Erica Seich 

Jennifer and Chris Szeto  

Fred Thiemann  

Jennifer Toller 

Rachel Xu

Thank you to our 433 annual Family Membership holders who have donate $50+

We strive to make this list as accurate as possible. If we have omitted anyone by mistake, we sincerely apologize and ask you to contact so that we can correct this oversight immediately.

Annual Report

Marine Science Institute's Donor Page last updated November 2022.

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