Current Donors

To All Our Donors

We strive to make this list as accurate as possible. If we have omitted anyone by mistake, we sincerely apologize and ask you to contact so that we can correct this oversight immediately.

Corporate and Foundation Donors

The list below represents donors who gave within the last year and is updated quarterly

Annual Reports

$500 to $2499

America's Charities


Kung Guerra Foundation

Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Robert Brownlee Foundation

Peter and Paula Uccelli Foundation

In-Kind Donors

Alicia Deal Style

Clif Family Winery

Devil's Canyon Brewery Company

Dragon Productions

Go To Chocolate

La Honda Winery

Palo Alto Players

Susie Cakes

​Trojak Knier Winery

Up to $499

Amazon Smile Foundation

Apple Computers

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Doering Family Foundation, LTD.

Kilohana Outrigger Club


Your Cause

Individual Donors

The list below represents donors who gave within the last two quarters

$100 - $149

Homayoon Akhiani 
Ms. Celeste Baranski & Mr. Paul Hammel
Jennifer Beeler 
Elizabeth Blois
Elise Dixon
Mrs. Susan Elgee & Mr. Steve Eglash 
Tyler Hammer 
Kathleen Keehn 
Kerry Klein
David Lee 
Jackie Lundy 
Donald MacMillen
Mr. Stephen Monismith & Ms. Lani Freeman 
Debra Parenti 
Nivedita Sahasrabudhe
Paige Scott
Thomas Scannell
Anna Schipper
Arjita Sharma 
Laura Simon
Betty Jo Sorensen 
Emma Stockwell
Euni Valentine 
Christa West
Koren Wong

Bay Steward
$150 to $499

Dina Artzt
Andrea Aust
Lilia Babe 
Salvador Casente 
William Conklin
Mr. Michael Giari & Mrs. Kathy Cross 
Teddy Hanson
Mrs. Janet Jezek 
Lucy Li
Elizabeth Maguire 
David Paradise 
Victoria Whitehill
Shekhar Yadav
Samuel Yu
Fan Zhang 

Ocean Advocate
$500 and Above

Valery Axelrad 
Andrew Becker
Sarah Bodary-Winter
Stuart Builder 
Dr. & Mrs. David Chang 
Shirley Chou 
Alison Chubb
Vicki Friedberg 
John Gouws
Robert D. Hills, Jr.
Michael Hindery 
Ann Kishore
Denise Malmquist-Little 
Timothy McBride
Teresa McFadden 
Quentin Polosky
Sergio Rojas Sanchez
Tom Rutherford 
Yvonne Schell
Angela Schillace 
Mr. & Mrs. David Tuitupou
Daphne & Stuart Wells

And dozens of people who gave $5 - $99 to support marine science and conservation education.

Marine Science Institute's Donor Page last updated January 2020.

The next update will be May 2020.