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Your investment in Marine Science Institute helps educate more than 60,000 people of all ages each year in marine science and environment stewardship through our School Programs, Family Events, Marine Science Camps, and Coastal Clean-Up Days.

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Kids on Brownlee
Kids on Brownlee

Summer camp seine
Summer camp seine

Exploring the marsh and beach
Exploring the marsh and beach

Kids on Brownlee
Kids on Brownlee

Your investment of over $1,000 provides…
  • A 4-hour Discovery Voyage aboard our marine science research vessel on the San Francisco Bay, including for 2 full classrooms of students from low-income schools.

  • A Wonders of Watersheds program, a special three-field trip experience focused on watersheds and water quality for an entire class.

Your $1,000 investment provides…
  • A Canoes in Sloughs program for a middle school class.

  • A Biomimicry Discovery Voyage aboard the R/V Robert G. Brownlee for an entire class from a low-income school.

Your $500 investment provides…
  • A week of camp for an elementary school student from a low-income family.

  • A Shoreside program at MSI for 45 students.

  • An advanced Ocean Lab program at MSI for a 30 students.

  • Four classroom visits with fascinating fishes, invertebrates or sharks

  • An exploration of the tidepools in Half Moon Bay or the marsh and beach at Pescadero State Beach for 45 students.

Your $250 investment provides….
  • Food for our entire aquarium for 10 months.

Your $100 investment provides…
  • Food for our hungry baby Leopard sharks for 5 months.

"It is so inspiring and such a wonderful example of the work you do to educate the next generation of marine stewards!"

-Irene Wong, The David and Lucille Packard Foundation