Monday - Friday
October 11 - 15

9 am - 3 pm

Grades K -5th


A week-long learning adventure

October Break Marine Science Camp is a week-long learning adventure, exploring Pacific Coast and San Francisco Bay marine habitats. This program includes an in depth investigation of local marine ecosystems to learn how similar animals from different habitats have unique adaptations to help them survive. Themes include local wetlands, Pacific Coast and oceanic habitats.

Children will spend the day touching live animals, using scientific research equipment, team building, and most importantly being safe but having fun. This program includes one camp day aboard MSI's research vessel.

Campers will need to pack snacks, lunch, and water bottle. 

Masks/face coverings are required during the entirety of the program (unless medically not possible) and staff will encourage social distancing and other COVID-19 related safety procedures during program. Campers will be urged to wash hands often.

Extended care is not offered or available. 

FAQ page coming soon!

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San Mateo Foster City School District is on break this week

*This link will direct you to our registration site, away from our webpage

Questions? Contact programmanager@sfbaymsi.org

Cancellation policy:
30% of program fees are non-refundable. Program fees less 30% are refundable for cancellations made more than two weeks prior to the program start date. 
No refunds for cancellations made within two weeks of the program start date. 
If your child gets sick before or during program MSI will assess on an individual basis. 
MSI will fully refund fees is the session is cancelled*.

*Program cancellations due to federal, state, or county COVID-19 mandates will result in credit transfer to a future program.


All sessions will consist of stable groups with no more than 12 campers with dedicated staff members.

Each group will remain separated to avoid intermixing of other campers and staff, and big group gatherings.

All staff and participants are required to wear masks.

Face covering exceptions will be made to those with sensory complications or other intricacies which make wearing masks or face coverings challenging.