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Homeschool Programs

Engaging Classes for Home Education

The Marine Science Institute puts students in physical contact with the SF Bay and coast environments to help cultivate their natural sense of curiosity, enrich their understanding of science, and foster a responsibility to protect the environment.

While MSI has created unique opportunities for home school students, you can see all of our traditional field trips here.

Highschool Marine Science Course

Grades 9 - 12


2:00 - 4:00 pm

$500 per student

The a-g Integrated Marine Science course combines labs, hands-on lessons, live animal touching, field trips, bookwork and homework to create an integrated and engaging learning opportunity.

Under 5 Programs

We are all about exploration, and what better age to start an adventure than 3 - 5 years old. These classes are tailored to smaller students, adapted for shorter attention spans by keeping sessions short and rotating stations often.

Under 5 Under the Sea with Me

Ages 3 - 5

60 Minutes

per session

Offsite: $495 for
1-3 sessions

At MSI: 

$200 up to 10 students

$350 up to 20 students

Max 20 students
per session

Under the Sea with Me is the perfect marine animal introduction for tiny scientists aged 3 – 5.  Littles spend each program exploring different sea creatures. Lessons are designed to connect curricula using animal exploration, reading, and crafts. Each session covers a different animal and habitat, helping young learners make connections and reinforces introductory concepts.

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