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under 5
Under the

sea with me

Monday - Saturday

60 Minutes
per session

Ages 3 -5 yo

Max 20 students

Under the Sea with Me is the perfect marine animal introduction for tiny scientists aged 3 – 5.  Littles spend each program exploring different sea creatures. Lessons are designed to connect curricula using animal exploration, reading, and crafts. Each session covers a different animal and habitat, helping young learners make connections and reinforces introductory concepts.

Under 5 Under the Sea with Me

60 minute programs

Can book up to 3 sessions per day

Can accommodate up to 20 students per session

Must have 2 adults per 10 students


At your location:

$570-600/base price for 1-3 programs
plus travel fee of $1.50/mile 


$250-300/program for up to 10 students

$370-420/program for up to 20 students

Session Theme Options

Rocky Shore (ages 3-5)

Students focus on the rocky shore and the animals that live in the tidepool habitat. They handle live invertebrates (for example snails, mussels, etc.), create a rocky shore animal craft, and enjoy a rocky shore themed story.

Crabs (ages 3-5)

Students focus on the crabs that live in local waters. They handle live crabs, create a crab craft, and enjoy a crab themed story.

Fish (ages 4-5)

Students focus on fish that live in local waters. They touch live fish, create a fish craft, and enjoy a fish themed story.

Sharks (ages 4-5)

Students focus on sharks that live in local waters. They touch a live leopard shark and shark artifacts, create a shark craft, and enjoy a shark themed story.

Marine Mammals (ages 4-5)

Students focus on marine mammals that live in local waters. They touch marine mammal artifacts, create a marine mammal craft, and enjoy a marine mammal themed story.

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