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Wonders of Watersheds 

6th and up 

Explore local watersheds and discover how humans depend on and influence them with the Wonders of Watersheds program. This inquiry-driven multiple-exposure program combines an in-class visit (“Inland Voyage”) with two field trips, which build upon each other to deepen students’ understanding and create opportunities for cross-cutting between concepts. Through this series students gain an in-depth appreciation for what a watershed is and for their connection to the environment.  


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In-Class Visit #1:
Wonders of Watersheds Inland Voyage


This in-class program introduces the concept of a watershed using hands-on experimentation with a watershed model.

Field Trip #1:
Creek Study at Stulsaft Park


During this field trip students take data about the Arroyo Ojo de Agua tributary of Redwood Creek including physical and chemical properties of the water. Using this information they consider factors relating to sustainability and discuss the health of the local watershed.

Field Trip #2:
Canoes in Sloughs in Redwood Creek


The final part of this program takes students on the water where they explore another part of the watershed in a unique and exciting way. From canoes students test water quality, compare data to other parts of the watershed, pick up litter and reflect upon their connection to the watershed.