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Marine Science Camp 2017: Elephant seals galore

On Saturday December 17, the 2016 Marine Science Camp Families joined us for a guided walk along the dunes of Año Nuevo State Park. From December through March, up to 10,000 elephant seals use the sloping sandy beaches for their breeding season. In December the beach is full of adult and juvenile males staking out their territory and establishing dominance. Part 1 of our 3-part elephant seal series involved a naturalist-guided tour through 2.5 miles of rolling sand dunes and a boardwalk that brought us close to the elephant seals. The tour was followed by a picnic style lunch provided by MSI.

Marine Science Camp Families are invited to join us for Part 2 of the series, which will be in January when the females are ashore to have their pups and breed once again. CLICK HERE to register for the "Marine Science Camp Family Ano Nuevo Elephant Seal Walk - Part 2" on Saturday January 21, 2017.

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