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Marine Science in the News: Bioplastics Part 1

We recently shared a video on our Facebook page highlighting Full Cycle, a Bay Area-based bioplastics company that converts organic wastes into a biodegradable plastic! Refresh your memory with the video below:

This video piqued the interest of some of our followers, asking "How long does it take for a bioplastic bottle or bag to deteriorate?" We did some digging into the topic and began our journey down the rabbit hole. The simple answer is that we don't know how long it takes the Full Cycle bioplastics to biodegrade. We scoured their website and press releases to find an answer. We also contacted the company and asked the question above, but we have not received an answer yet.

Due to misleading and vague information about plastics with even reputable resources lacking detailed definitions and concrete data, we have decided to turn our blog about bioplastics into a 4-part series. Stay tuned next week for “Bioplastics Part 2” as we breakdown both petroleum-derived and biobased plastics.

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