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Been There, Done That - What to do after summer camp

As we approach the New Year it is time to start thinking of summer planning for children. We are fortunate in the Bay Area to have wonderful and varied summer program options for children of all ages. From themed summer camps for all interests (i.e. science, sewing, coding, and gymnastics camps – just to name a few), to a team for practically any sport imaginable, and to summer learning opportunities such as summer school or learning skills at city recreation centers – the opportunities are endless for your child no matter where their interests lie!

At Marine Science Camp, we are aware of the other summer program options in the Bay Area and we understand that children's interests evolve. If your preteen or teenager has aged out of Marine Science Camp or decides they are ready for a change, Marine Science Institute is here to help!

Marine Science Institute offers summer volunteering opportunities in a variety of fields:

  • Children ages 11 and older can become Marine Science Camp Volunteers to help with all the fun and science that summer camp has to offer. As previous Marine Science Camp attendees, your child is an important role model for our younger campers. Their experience connecting, exploring and growing greatly benefits all camp participants while your child learns independence, leadership, social skills, how to work in a structured schedule, and build their confidence.

  • Children ages 16 and older can join our Fish Data Internship program at any point during the year, including during summer Marine Science Camp. During summer months Fish Data Interns join the day-long Discovery Voyage boat trips with the campers, learn how to identify and measure fish, and contribute to a large database and ongoing study of fluctuations of fish populations in the San Francisco Bay.

  • Ages 18 and older can become Aquarium Assistants, aiding in the care and maintenance of the different aquarium exhibits located at our site. They will learn how to prepare the food for each animal, feed animals in each tank, monitor water quality, help clean tanks, record animal health, and learn tank filter maintenance procedures.

  • Children 14 and older may also join other internships such as Social Media, Marketing and Photography during the summer. In these programs, the intern helps document the summer Marine Science Camp experience for parents and the community. Who better to help document summer camp than a previous Marine Science Camp attendee!

Volunteering during summer offers a great chance for your preteen or teenager to make a difference and help out in the MSI community while also learning skills that carry them through their life. Stay tuned as we announce openings for these internships and volunteering opportunities over the coming months!

The collage below shows just some of the opportunities available. Many of our volunteers and interns were once Marine Science Camp-ers themselves! Their experience makes them a huge asset to the MSI family and we are grateful for their help and dedication!


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