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California knows that investing in Environmental Education is an investment in our planet's future

When it comes to prioritizing environmental education, California is leading the way! EdSource shared that $4 million is in the current state budget for K-12 environmental education. With this commitment from the state, there is hope that we can better support, and encourage teachers to plan field trips to connect students to the ecological richness California has to offer.

Many teachers would agree that providing hands-on opportunities for students is a vital ingredient to help them master math and science competencies. Teacher's response to how Marine Science Institute (MSI) supports curriculum has been consistently positive, with one respondent reporting connections through, "hands-on activities in collecting environmental data about the health of our bay" -Aptos Middle School Teacher

At MSI, we're privileged to be situated in San Mateo County where the county office of education (SMCOE) is championing the goals of the A Blueprint for Environmental Literacy: Educating Every Student In, About, and For the Environment. Education is the key to the success of our planet's future, and hands-on experiences with nature, like ones offered at MSI enhance student engagement, support classroom learning and inspire environmental stewardship.


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