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Education Update from Marine Science Institute: Join us for our 8th annual FREE Teacher Event!

The Marine Science Institute is getting ready to host its 8th annual FREE Teacher Event:

At the event, teachers are invited to participate in two workshops. Both of these workshops provide teachers the opportunity to experience the how their students will achieve deeper understandings in science when exploring marine science with us

Workshop 1-- Scientific Classification: Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) activity for students K-3rd, that teachers could easily replicate in their classrooms. This activity will help provide students a way to link their observations as they recognize patterns to organize and classify various items.

Workshop 2-- Scientific Method Combination Discovery Voyage: NGSS aligned, multiple exposure programs offered for 4th grade and up, Scientific Method Combination. This workshop will demonstrate how MSI Science Instructors facilitate inquiry and allow students to practice skills needed to collect scientific data. After this first engaging lesson where students are identifying and measuring live fish from the SF Bay, they are ready to explore, and excited to start their scientific investigation!

All this learning at the event is paired with delicious hors d'oeuvres, wine and raffle prizes! We have received generous donations from local sponsors to offer valuable raffle prizes to our hard-working teachers, and will also raffle three MSI School Programs as prizes!

We hope you will join the fun with us this year at SHIP TO SHORE! All you need to know and more!

**Teachers, be sure to register for this FREE event, as space is limited**


March 6, 2018



Marine Science Institute

500 Discovery Pkwy

Redwood City, CA 94063


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