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Marine Science Institute: Leaders in Providing Science Experiences for Students!

Updated: May 7, 2018

Since 1970, Marine Science Institute has developed, designed and delivered high-quality education programs to actively engage students in science exploration throughout the stretches of the Bay Area!

But what does it really take to be proficient in sciences, and how does MSI support science education for our students?

To begin with, we encourage students to THINK and PRACTICE like scientists! When students are simply expected to memorize facts, with limited hands-on learning opportunities, they are left dis-engaged, and uninterested in pursuing science and consider the subject “boring”. At MSI, we know science isn’t boring at all—it is EXCITING! Pulling in a seine net from the shore to discover the incredible marine life of the SF Bay as done on a Shoreside Program is one example of how much fun students have while learning at MSI. Because of our unique, engaging programs, for years MSI has been teacher’s “go-to” science experience of choice for their students. Teachers recognize the limitations to learning science in traditional settings, which is why these experiences are so important for students to naturally explore and develop as curious, critical thinkers.

"The kids get to have an incredible experience, unlike anything they have ever experienced before, and definitely unlike anything I am capable of recreating in the classroom. They interact with the bay and wildlife in a very upfront way."

--5th Grade Teacher, El Crystal Elementary

With California’s implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) students can now expand on the complexity of all sciences. All MSI Programs are aligned to the NGSS, and support teachers in meeting the state standards as we continue to provide students special opportunities to observe, interact with and interpret phenomena on our research vessel, at our bay shoreline, on the coast, as well as live animals brought directly to their classrooms!

Students who participate in our programs gain a deeper understanding of science, and a greater appreciation for nature.

Let’s all get out and experience the excitement of science together!

Want to learn more?

Go to MSI Programs and NGSS alignment for more information!

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