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MSI Education Presentation: 42nd Annual STEM Conference at San Mateo County Office of Education

On February 10, 2018, The San Mateo County Office of Education (SMCOE) hosted it's 42nd Annual STEM Conference. Every year, this conference hosts workshops from a variety of exhibitors to invite teachers, administrators and parents to explore the exciting world of STEM education!

At this year's conference, MSI Science Instructor, Elizabeth Sheets, presented the workshop: Water Testing and Ocean Acidification. MSI has been working closely with Redwood High School students participating in the mentorship program, Redwood Environmental Academy of Leadership (REAL). These REAL students have been learning and teaching alongside with MSI Science Instructors to Kennedy Middle School sixth graders all about their local watersheds and practices in reducing their carbon footprint. This workshop provided a sample of the exciting field studies MSI conducts throughout the school year with these high school and middle school students.

Attendee's curiosities were sparked when they compared test results of temperature, salinity, turbidity and pH of water samples collected from the SF Bay and from MSI's aquarium. Teachers learned varying methods of facilitating water quality tests that could be utilized in their classrooms. Educators found the presentation useful, and reported feeling more confident to take their students outside to test water from their local sites, and to start the important conversations with their students about climate change and ocean acidification.

MSI greatly values our partnership with the SMCOE in our efforts to serve students by providing them relevant, environmental education opportunities within their communities. We're excited for next year's STEM Conference!

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