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Redwood City Council Recognizes Marine Science Institute for Outstanding Service to Community

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

(Redwood City, CA, March 13, 2018): Yesterday evening the City Council of Redwood City officially recognized the Marine Science Institute (MSI) for providing science education services to over 1.25 million students in the community over the past 47 years. Located in the Port of Redwood City, MSI provides memorable on-the-water, water-side, and mobile education services to over 50,000 K-12 students per year, with a focus on San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

"For decades, MSI has been an incredibly valuable partner in our community; providing over a million school children the opportunity to learn about the importance of respecting and protecting the marine environment. The value they have had on the future of the SF Bay may never fully be realized." – Redwood City Council member John D. Seybert

“MSI instructors are passionate about their craft, and the activities are interesting, engaging, and fun. My students (over 120) know more about their surroundings now than they ever will.” –Kelly Jorgensen, 6th grade teacher at John F. Kennedy School, Redwood City.

“I have helped out as a volunteer there numerous times, and also (taken) the boat trip out on the bay. The staff is fantastic, and knowledgeable, and what they teach about the bay and marine life is a must learn for adults and children alike.” - Cheryl Jenson, SAP Santa Clara

“Keeping MSI thriving has been a complete community effort. We gratefully recognize our enthusiastic staff, our school partners, our community patrons and our corporate and foundation sponsors. Special thanks go to Abbott Laboratory and Cargill who have made our site possible through the years. As we approach our 50th anniversary we continue to look for new ways for our citizens to connect with and participate in protecting our wonderful natural marine environment – just out our back door.” - Marilou Seiff, MSI Executive Director

About the Marine Science Institute

The Marine Science Institute is a not for profit environmental education organization based in Redwood City. Through placing students in direct contact with nature, MSI gives students a rich perspective on marine science and a sense of respect and stewardship for the Bay’s environment. You can learn more about MSI’s educational programs, events, summer camps, and membership opportunities at


Watch Marilou Seiff, Executive Director receive Proclamation of Outstanding Community Service from Mayer Ian Bain and Council Member John D. Seybert, City Council of the City of Redwood City.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Marilou Seiff at 650-364-2760x11 or email


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