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SOS - Save Our Ship

Well, it happened. On April 2, we discovered the Robert G. Brownlee bent a propeller shaft. That meant the immediate halt to all Discovery Voyages. The Brownlee is currently undergoing emergency haul-out and repairs in Alameda. Since then we have discovered the shaft is unrepairable, and we must replace it.

This catastrophe could not have happened at a more inconvenient time. April is our busiest month for school programs! Boats are expensive to maintain and repair, and the Brownlee is no exception.

We are asking you, our most loyal supporters, to help NOW with a donation.

Your donation, no matter how large or small, will help with this emergency repair and put our beloved ship back in the water for programs by mid- May (we hope). Add all of this to the biennial maintenance, upgrades, repairs, and inspections this year, and our bill is now a whopping $203,000, and it's still going up. We ask that you dive deep (into your pockets) and donate as soon as you can.

Show your love for the Brownlee donate today!

To donate online, click here It’s safe and secure.

Have more questions about this year's haul-out, contact Melanie at or 650-364-2760 x14


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