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Teachers Dive Deeper: Science and Engineering Practices Workshop at MSI 8th Annual Teacher Event

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

On March 6th 2018, Marine Science Institute invited teachers from all over the Bay Area to discover the hands-on science opportunities MSI offers to students. The event, SHIP TO SHORE: All You Need to Know and More! featured two teacher workshops in which participating teachers could experience MSI School Programs as students, and take home engaging activities and ideas supporting the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices for their classrooms.

SHIP TO SHORE: All You Need to Know and More! 2018 Workshops:

Workshop 1-- Scientific Classification: NGSS activity for students K-3rd, that teachers could easily replicate in their classrooms. This activity provides students a way to link their observations as they recognize patterns to organize and classify various items.

Workshop 2-- Scientific Method Combination Discovery Voyage: NGSS aligned, multiple exposure program offered for 4th grade and up, Scientific Method Combination. This workshop demonstrated how MSI Science Instructors facilitate inquiry and allow students to practice the skills needed to collect scientific data.

"It was helpful to get an idea of what I can do in the class to implement NGSS standards"

-Teacher Participant

"The staff were very accommodating and helpful"

-Teacher Participant

MSI Staff sincerely enjoyed learning and exploring science and engineering practices together with such a dedicated community of teachers. We are also especially grateful to all the sponsors who donated raffle prizes and beverages to show their appreciation for the partnership between MSI and teachers---many thanks for supporting science and environmental education!

If you would like to be added to the Marine Science Institute Teacher Mailing List to receive teaching resources, hear more about upcoming events like SHIP TO SHORE: All You Need to Know and More! or have more questions about Marine Science Institute School Programs, please contact Naomi Deal at

SHIP TO SHORE: All You Need to Know and More!

Thank you to our local SPONSORS for their generous contributions to the MSI hosted event!

  • Devil's Canyon Brewing Company

  • Go To Chocolate

  • Dragon Productions

  • Redwood City Community Theater

  • Broadway by the Bay

  • La Honda Winery

  • Palo Alto Players

  • Trojak-Knier Winery

  • Triple J Cellars

  • Lululemon Athletica

Marine Science Institute School Programs are aligned with NGSS


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