Our success is bringing science and environmental education to the Bay Area.

The Marine Science Institute provides engaging and interactive hands-on adventures with San Francisco Bay Area marine life. Led by a team of expert marine science educators, these experiences impact students of all ages, inspiring respect and stewardship for the marine environment. add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Thanksgiving Break Camp

Marine Science Camp for K-5th grades engages budding biologists with animal exploration, field studies, and hands on fun that keeps their bodies and minds active.

Whale Research

Public Events

Public and Family Style events happen most Saturdays. Come out on our ship, in our canoes, to the coast for tide pool excursions, whale watching, the fun never ends!

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Advanced Ecology

Advanced Ecology is a 5-week; once-a-week "afternoon" educational program tailored to 4th - 8th graders who are ready for more complex science theories. This seasons theme is biomimicry.

Marine Science Institute needs your support 

Your investment in Marine Science Institute helps educate more than 60,000 people of all ages each year in marine science and environment stewardship through our School Programs, Family Events, Marine Science Camps, and Coastal Clean-Up Days.

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In Person Group Program

Standards-based field trips and a memorable voyage into nature for students of all economic backgrounds.

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Under the Sea with Me

Create memories with your little ones (3 - 5) while listening to stories, touching marine animals, playing games, and making crafts together.


Advanced Ecology

This 5-week; once-a-week, afternoon educational programis tailored to 4th - 8th graders who are ready for more complex science theories.

Online Class

Online Group Program

Interactive, inquiry-based activities taught by expert marine science educators.

Online classes

Individual leaners can drop-in, daily, or once-a-week for engaging online classes with many marine themed options.

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Afternoon Ecology

Afternoon Ecology is an afternoon educational program perfect for K - 5th graders. It is designed to foster the natural curiosity of young minds.

Academy at Home

Customizable program for group style classes which can span 1 to 5 days and has flexible duration time.


In Person Classes

Multiple course options for individual learners or smaller groups to keeps jr. marine biologists excited and engaged!

Birthday Parties

Whether you celebrate your little ones special day onshore, off-site, or on our ship, birthday parties at MSI are a one of kind super thrilling adventure!