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Marine Science

min 1 hour/per day
max 3 hours/per day

Available Mon - Fri

Price Varies Contact us

Private group classes

Supporting homeschooling and afterschool programs

This is a customizable program which can span 1 to 5 days and has flexible duration time. You make the schedule.

Each session students will spend their time learning about Marine Science.  

This program is designed for groups and is brought to the home/site of that group. Students will observe live animals found in San Francisco Bay and Northern California Coastal habitats each day. Students will learn marine science concepts through hands on activities that further their understanding of the Scientific Method.

Each day students will focus on a different topic including Rocky Shore Habitat, Kelp Forest habitat, Sandy Beach Habitat, Marsh Habitat, and Estuarine (Bay) habitat.


This program requires a large outdoor space that is directly accessible to the street, an hour set-up time, a half hour clean-up time, and access to a bathroom (sanitation requirements). 

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