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Marine Science Institute is here to support teachers and parents by offering engaging, online group lessons that bring science to life! MSI Online Inland Voyages are interactive, inquiry-based programs taught by expert marine science educators, bringing the wonder of local marine habitats of the San Francisco Bay and Northern California Coasts directly to your students. Exploration is done completely remote, using footage from the MSI aquarium and in the field, Google slides, Nearpod, and Zoom. Teachers may also select the virtual meeting platform if desired.


SF Bay Fish

Students explore and learn all about the incredible fish species in the San Francisco Estuary habitat.

SF Bay Invertebrates

Students discover and learn all about the unique and various marine animals residing at the muddy floor of the San Francisco Bay.

SF Bay Sharks and Rays

Students explore sharks and their cartilaginous relatives with an emphasis on the relationship these animals have to their San Francisco Bay and coastal environments.

Rocky Shore

Students take a virtual journey to the tide pools to explore the rugged habitat and the resilient animals that call this ever-changing coastal environment their home.

Ocean Lab (2 online session program)

Students learn from marine biologists how to think like scientists, brainstorm with their classmates, and make detailed observations by examining organisms from the rocky intertidal ecosystem.

Plankton Exploration 

Plankton are amazing and often underappreciated. These (usually tiny) drifters are the building blocks of aquatic life providing food, photosynthesis, and the majority of Earths oxygen.

Sandy Beach

Students take a virtual journey to the sandy beach to explore this ever-changing habitat. Students will learn more about the resilient animals that call this ever-changing coastal environment their home.

Kelp Forest

Students take a virtual journey to the kelp forest. Students explore this important habitat and the unique animals that call this coastal environment their home.


55 Minute Classes

Grades K and Up

$45 for 15 students or $60 for 30

class requirements

  • internet

  • smart device or computer with audio/visual capabilities

*Sliding scale available depending on need
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All MSI programs are automatically subsidized.

Our development team works hard to secure funds for teachers. If you need additional financial assistance please contact us. We may be able to offer extra scholarships.  


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