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Discover our local wetland, the wildlife within it, and how humans impact it through Marine Science Institute’s 5 hour Canoes in Sloughs program. This program promises a fun, immersive day on the water, where students can explore their interests in science and the natural world outside of the traditional classroom. Canoes provide unique access through narrow sloughs where students see the thriving marshes that surround our Bay. This program includes hands-on activities, chosen from the options listed below, which are completed on the water. Upon request these activities can be unified by an overarching theme.


No prior experience with canoeing is necessary! Students learn proper paddling techniques and safety before heading out for a day on the water, where they will enjoy learning and lunch.

Canoes is Sloughs Pricing:

5 hour program 9 am – 2pm Monday through Saturday.

March -- October 


$650-$950* per trip for up to 27 participants

(includes both students and adults). 

Additional $210 for up to 37 participants

*Sliding scale available depending on need

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Canoes in Sloughs 

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6th and up 

While paddling, students can observe and identify several types of shore and wading birds.

Water Quality Monitoring 

Students study the water using real hands-on testing and chemistry. This station may include a study of pH, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, and other factors that indicate the health of the ecosystem.


Plant Identification

Using guidebooks, students independently explore the sloughs to identify the flora of this unique ecosystem. They learn about the adaptations that allow plants to survive and even shape their environment, and they compare the roles of non-native and native plants.


Mud and Invertebrates

Students use various tools to explore the rich bay mud. Students will collect various invertebrate specimens and use identification sheets to learn more about the invertebrates in the bay and their role in the ecosystem. Students will study the different adaptations that have helped the invertebrates survive in the mudflat habitat.


Trash Collection 

Students experience first-hand some of the human impacts on the bay as they remove trash from the protected wetland. They analyze their efforts by taking data on the type and amount of trash that they collect.

In addition to studying the unique slough habitat and its creatures, students enjoy learning the basics of boat safety and proper paddling techniques. Paddling is a fantastic teambuilding experience that can grow leadership, communication and cooperative skills.

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