Monday - Saturday

Times vary

Grades K and up

Max 30 students

NGSS Connections (Science Content Standards Set by CA Sate Education Board for Public Schools) 

6th thru 8th Grade DCI's: 

The Habitat Combination is a multiple-exposure program that combines an in-class visit featuring live animals with a field trip to deepen students’ experiences and create opportunities for cross-cutting between concepts. There are four options that introduce students to different animals, their habitats, and how humans interact with them.

Coastal Waters Combination (K and up): For the Coastal Waters Combination, students compare ocean animals brought to the classroom, to the wildlife they discover during a visit to MSI’s bayside facility. This is a combination of our Rocky Shore Inland Voyage and Shoreside program.

Beach Combination (3rd and up): The Beach Combination, features animals adapted to survive above and below the sand, which students look for during their field trip to Pescadero Beach and its adjoining marsh. This is a combination of our Sandy Beach Inland Voyage  and Marsh and Beach Expedition.

Marsh Combination (3rd and up): The Marsh Combination, focuses on the birds, fishes, and invertebrates commonly found in marshes and mudflats which students visit in Pescadero. This is a combination of our Marsh and Beach Inland Voyage and Marsh and Beach Expedition.