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Monday - Saturday

Times vary

Grades K and up

Max 30 students

NGSS Connections (Science Content Standards Set by CA Sate Education Board for Public Schools) 

6th thru 8th Grade DCI's: 

Habitat Combination Pricing

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*Sliding scale available depending on need.

All school programs are automatically subsidized. Our development team works hard to secure funds for teachers. If you need additional financial assistance please contact us. We may be able to offer extra scholarships.

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Forms and Information

The Habitat Combination is a multiple-exposure program that combines an in-class visit featuring live animals with a field trip to deepen students’ experiences and create opportunities for cross-cutting between concepts. There are four options that introduce students to different animals, their habitats, and how humans interact with them.

Coastal Waters Combination (K and up): For the Coastal Waters Combination, students compare ocean animals brought to the classroom, to the wildlife they discover during a visit to MSI’s bayside facility. This is a combination of our Rocky Shore Inland Voyage and Shoreside program.

Beach Combination (3rd and up): The Beach Combination, features animals adapted to survive above and below the sand, which students look for during their field trip to Pescadero Beach and its adjoining marsh. This is a combination of our Sandy Beach Inland Voyage  and Marsh and Beach Expedition.

Marsh Combination (3rd and up): The Marsh Combination, focuses on the birds, fishes, and invertebrates commonly found in marshes and mudflats which students visit in Pescadero. This is a combination of our Marsh and Beach Inland Voyage and Marsh and Beach Expedition.

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