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Marsh and Beach

Monday - Saturday

2.5 hours

Grades 4 and up

Max 60 students

4th and 5th Grade Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI):

6th thru 8th Grade DCI's:

Marsh and Beach Pricing

September - February Pricing

$590* for up to 30 students with 2 instructors

$740* for 31 to 45 students with 3 instructors 

$890* for 46 to 60 students 4 instructors 

March - August Pricing: TBD

$640* for up to 30 students with 2 instructors

$790* for 31 to 45 students with 3 instructors 

$940* for 46 to 60 students 4 instructors

*Sliding scale available depending on need.

All school programs are automatically subsidized. Our development team works hard to secure funds for teachers. If you need additional financial assistance please contact us. We may be able to offer extra scholarships.

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Forms and Information

Meet Marine Science Institute at Pescadero State Beach for a guided, hands-on immersion into coastal habitats. During the Marsh and Beach Expedition students learn about the formation and importance of sandy beach and marsh ecosystems through the following two activities.

Beach Exploration: Through interactive and team-building activities, students learn about sand geology and how beaches are formed, they explore the wrack-line, and collect trash as part of a discussion of beach pollution.

Marsh Walk: Students walk through the salt marsh using binoculars and field guides to identify native and non-native plants and beautiful bird species. While in the marsh, students discuss the habitat, its function, and the complex web of interdependence in this ecosystem. Students gain an appreciation for the outdoors and their connection to the habitat throughout this program and with a “sense-of-place” activity.  


*For a more in-depth experience, enjoy this field trip as part of a multiple-exposure Habitat Combo or Scientific Method program. These programs include additional in-class visits that emphasize themes, and provide opportunities for cross-cutting between concepts (NGSS) and building upon prior knowledge. Different grade restrictions may apply. 

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